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About Us


My father, Harold Larsson, was a college professor, astronomer and physicist.  After my mother's death he began looking at places near my home in Bandon to purchase.

Dad walked into the Lakehouse and after 20 minutes he asked, "Who should I make the check out to?"  It was a decision he never regretted.

For the first 12 years he came for a month at a time.  I established and managed it as a vacation rental so it would pay all expenses for him when he wasn't here. As his health declined due to degenerative spinal stenosis, he needed assistance with daily activities.  We both moved up to the Lakehouse where I, and a couple of family members, cared for him for 6 years.  He spent the reminder of his life here. Not a day went by when he would say, "I am so lucky to live here."

"Hal of Floras Lake", as he would jokingly refer to himself, lived for almost 99 years.  He did a lot of good for a lot of people and made a positive impact on most people he encountered.  He lived a full life of Gratitude.

We hope that all of our guests love and enjoy  this home as much as we do. 

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